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Ethics in Real Estate
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Author: Roulac, Stephen E.
Publication Date:2010-12-08
Number of Pages:318 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
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Ethics in Real Estate

Ethics." Certainly our industry is bound by the formal constraints of law in national, state, and local jurisdictions. What this volume reminds us, however, is that those laws are only as good as the personal "sea of Ethics" in which each of us operates. THE Ethics OF PROPERTY INVOLVEMENTS Stephen E. Roulac The Roulac Group San Rafael, California and Visiting Professor University of Ulster Ethical considerations are a dominant theme in the management literature. As "Ethics and ethical issues surround our liver, ...Ethics has become one of the most rapidly growing areas of management research, with over 800 articles and 1,400 books appearing since 1990" (Schminke, Ambrose, and Miles, 1998). Compared to business and business management,however, the research and writing on real estate in an Ethics context is in the very early stages of development. The lack of a developed literature on Ethics in real estate is reflected in the response by one highly placed executive to my solicitation for funding to support the publication of this volume: "I didn't know there were any Ethics in real estate!" Fortunately, the Summa Corporation and the Amer- ican Real Estate Society believe in the importance of Ethics in real estate, for their cosponsorship has made possible this special monograph on the subject of Ethics in Real Estate. The support of the Summa Corporation and the American Real Estate Society of this pioneering volume is warmly and appreciatively acknowledged.
While ethical issues have been examined in conjunction with many business contexts, the area of real estate and Ethics has, at best, received only minimal treatment. Given that real estate transactions represent one of the largest single expenditures by businesses and households, and recognizing that real estate holdings represent a major portion of wealth portfolios worldwide, this lack of coverage is conspicuous by its absence. The goal of this book is to begin rectifying this situation. By offering fifteen essays addressing the central issue of Ethics and real estate from a wide variety of perspectives, the contributors seek to encourage a dialogue that is lively and, at times, provocative. The authors include academics and professional practitioners, and collectively represent five countries and many diverse disciplines. Drawing from both empirical and conceptual frameworks, the chapters are divided into five main sections: 1) policy issues, 2) industry practice, 3) environmental issues, 4) ethical issues involving transactions, and 5) ethical issues involving tenants. Taken together these essays offer a challenging point of departure for considering the important interaction of ethical issues in real estate theory and practice.

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