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Creative Drawing
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Publisher:McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Langua
Author: Smagula, Howard J.; Smagula Howard;
Publication Date:2002-06-27
Number of Pages:288 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:1174 gram
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Creative Drawing

Starting from the premise that drawing can be learned by anyone with the correct instruction, discipline and practice, Howard Smagula addresses the needs both of beginners and those already familiar with the rudiments. Creative Drawing explores the major traditions, concepts and technical skills that form the basis for yielding Creative results. After examining the properties of line, value, texture, composition, space and perspective, the author provides fascinating discussions of visual thinking, colour, still-lifes, nudes, portraits and self-portraits, landscapes and cartoons. He concludes by exploring in detail drawings for film and drawing on the computer. The book includes practical projects, which can be accomplished without unusual materials or costly equipment.
Designed for an undergraduate course in Drawing I, Drawing Concepts, or Creative Drawing, Smagula's Creative Drawing emphasizes critical thinking in conjunction with fundamental techniques to achieve practical results.

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