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Improvise for Real
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Publisher:David Reed Music
Publication Date:2013-02-27
Number of Pages:262 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:471 gram
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Improvise for Real

If you dream of improvising your own solos in concerts and jam sessions, playing songs with friends at parties and even composing your own original music, then what you need is a daily music practice that is CREATIVE, FUN and leads to an EASY understanding of harmony. This understanding doesn't come from memorizing "licks" and scale patterns. It comes from exploring the world of harmony directly and discovering it for yourself. In other words, what you really need is a creative daily practice that lets you experience music for yourself and to enjoy creating your OWN music right from the very first day. Improvise for Real will take you into this beautiful world of sounds and show you how music and harmony really work. You will learn to understand any piece of music just by listening to it, and to Improvise with confidence in any musical situation. You will learn to Improvise over jazz standards, blues songs, pop music or any other style that you would like to play. For many people, Improvise for Real is the key that enabled them to finally understand harmony and to really enjoy improvising. The method is open to all instruments and all ability levels, including complete beginners. You do not need to know anything at all about music theory to begin, and there is no sight reading required.

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