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Health Insurance
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Publisher:Nova Science Publishers
Publication Date:2003-01-01
Number of Pages:208 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:682 gram
Books Dimensions:263 x 187 x 19 mm
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Health Insurance

The Health insurance issues and background covered in this new book encompass the latest and most controversial problems and events in an area of crucial interest to everyone. The latest statistics indicate more than 45 million people are currently uninsured; a number which is consistently increasing. This dire situation forms part of a sociological crisis in America where a large segment of the population will be subject to severe Health problems while the wealthy enjoy first rate medical care and longevity. Contents: Introduction; Health Insurance and Medical Care: Physician Services under Managed Care; Health Insurance: Reforming the Private Market; The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; HIPAA): Summary of the Administrative Simplification Provisions; Health Insurance: Explaining Differences in Counts of the Uninsured; Health Insurance: Federal Data Sources for Analyses of the Uninsured; Health Insurance Continuation Coverage under COBRA; Health Insurance for Federal Employees and Retirees; Health Insurance for Displaced Workers; Health Insurance: Uninsured by State, 2001; Health Insurance Coverage: Characteristics of the Insured and Uninsured Populations in 20

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