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Venice Preserv'd or a Plot Discover'd
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Author: Thomas Otway
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Venice Preserv'd or a Plot Discover'd

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1777 Excerpt: ... a devil, take a damning oath Fop For (hedging native blood! Can there be a fin In merciful repentance i Oh, this villain! Enter Renault. Ren. Perverse and peevish: What a Have is-man To let this itching fleih thus get the better of him! Dispatch the fool her husband--that were well.. Who's theie? Jaff. A man. Rut. My friend, .my near ally, . The hostage of your faith, my beauteous charge, is very Jaff. Sir, are you. sure of that? well. Stands (he in persect health? Beats her pulse even; Neither too hot nor cold? Ren. What means that question? Jaff. Oh! women have fantastic constitutions, Inconstant in their withes, always wavering, And never fix'd! Was it not boldly done Even at first fight, to trust the thing I lov'd (A tempting treasure too) with youth so fierce And vigorous as thine? but thou art honest. Ren, Who dare accuse me? Jaff. Curs'd be he that doubts Thy virtue! I have try'd it, and declare, Were I to chuse a guardian of my honour. I'd put it in thy keeping: for 1 know thee. Ren. Know me! Jaff. Ay, know thee. There's no sal shood in thee j Thou look'stjust as thou art. Let us embrace. Now would'st thou cut my throat, or I cut thine. Ren. You dare not do't.' Jaff. You lie, Sir.. Ren. How! Jaff. No more, 'Tis a base world, and must reform, that's all. Enter Spinofa, Theodore, Eliot, Revillido, Durand, Rromveil, and the reft of the Conspirators. Ren. Spinofa, Theodore, you are welcome. Spin. You are trembling, Sir. Ren. 'Tis a cold night, indeed; I am aged; Full of decay and natural infirmities i Pier, re-tnters. We We shall be warm, my friends, I hope, to-morrow.' Pier. Twas not well done; thou should'st have stroak'd And not have gaul'd him. him, 'Jaff. Damn him, let him chew on't. Heav'n! Where am 1? beset with cursed fiends, That wait to damn me.

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