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Publisher:Candlewick Press (MA)
Publication Date:2008-11-11
Number of Pages:10 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:716 gram
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Loaded with flaps, pull-tabs, and pop-ups, this third book in Crowther's transportation series takes readers on a journey through nautical history, introducing Ships from a Greek bireme to a luxury ocean liner. Full color.
Ready to set sail? Here comes the third book in Robert Crowther's transportation series -- a jam-packed, interactive look at all things nautical. Take to the seas for a journey through nautical history From an acclaimed 3-D master comes a fact-fi lled exploration of vessels ranging from canoes to clippers, steamShips to supertankers. Loaded with flaps, pull-tabs, and pop-ups, this fascinating resource invites readers to make a Greek bireme's many oars row in rhythm, open up a luxury ocean liner to see the bustling activities on each deck, and even become the master of their own pop-up port. Ships ahoy

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