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Pet animals
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Author: Lucy Cousins
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Pet animals

This is the perfect furry board book of familiar Pet animals. Small children are fascinated by animals and bright colours, and multi-award-winning author-illustrator Lucy Cousins has created a series of fun, vivid images that are just the right size for tiny hands. Published as part of the "Baby Walker" series, with a tactile furry cover that is wonderfully engaging, "Pet Animals" is perfect for babies and their parents to share. It is one of four Lucy Cousins board books in the "Baby Walker" series featuring the best quality art and design for babies. Also available: "Country Animals" (ISBN 978-1-4063-4474-5), "Farm Animals" (ISBN 978-1-4063-4473-8) and "Garden Animals" (978-1-4063-4472-1). It stimulates babies' development through engaging artwork and tactile covers. It is the start of a lifelong love of books.

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