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The Vampire Almanac (Volume 2)
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Author: Jean-Marc Lofficier (Editor)
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The Vampire Almanac (Volume 2)

The stories contained in this collection, featuring some of the most famous Vampires in literary history, incorporate all of these contradictions; in them, Vampires can be both super-human and sub-human, sexual predators and impotent, romantic and passionate, and yet devoid of soul. Ultimately, the Vampire is our own face, reflecting in the mirror of our beliefs, the incarnation of our spiritual choices. stories by Matthew Baugh, Henri Be, Anthony R. Cardno, Matthew Dennion, Win Scott Eckert, Brian Gallagher, Micah S. Harris, John Peel, Steven A. Roman, Brian Stableford, and Jared Welch with a foreword by Roger Vadim (director of Barbarella and Blood and Roses)."

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