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Travels on the A38
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Publication Date:2014-06-02
Number of Pages:134 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:190 gram
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Travels on the A38

The A38 is the second-longest A road in Britain, and runs from Cornwall to Nottinghamshire. The book is an account of 16 days spent travelling and exploring the A38. Rivers, canals, houses, museums, woods, viewpoints were explored and photographs taken. Some research was carried out before we set out, but mainly we relied on serendipity in our Travels. There are three main characters in the book; the Driver, the Writer and the Car. The book introduces these characters, and lets you travel with them. The driver buys a new camera on day 3. This greatly improves the quality of his pictures. The car is driven over a curb on Day 2, goes to a garage in Exeter on Day 4, and has a new catalytic converter fitted on Day 7. The writer asks questions, writes notes, and takes photographs that are out of focus. The book has information gathered on the trip, and some additional details which were researched later. For instance, do you know what a 'gongoozler' is, or the meaning of 'vernacular architecture'? Why would you keep a bear in a hut? Why call a beer 'Old Speckled Hen' and what is a goat walk?

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