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RV the World
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Author: Rich, David
Publication Date:2009-11-01
Number of Pages:170 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:303 gram
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RV the World

RV the World illustrates how anyone can RV the entire world, all six drivable continents, and precisely how much it costs. See the planet by RV with minimal difficulty while enjoying the sheer audacity of exploring the world closer-up and more intimately than by any other available means. RVing the World is the best way to see 1000 places before you die, the book vividly describing how to get to those 1000 places and more, seeing them in far greater depth than is available to other travelers. Compare the superficial cattle runs of tours and cruises, extremely restricted package deals and the achy breaky backpacking reseRVed for the very young. The only way to explore the entire world in depth is by RV, a simple extension of the kind of RVing people are used to in the States. RV the World illustrates the simplicity of international RVing, taking the reader along on the author's three year RV expedition through all of Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and the Middle East, describing the ins and outs of RVing all of South America, Australia and New Zealand plus vehicular travel through most of Africa and Asia during 16 years. RVing is the only easy and cozy means of taking your home with you, sleeping in your own bed and eating favorite foods instead of dealing with hit or miss hotels and restaurants. RV the World describes how to obtain RV insurance abroad, equip and select a proper RV, sell it once the continent has been explored and move onto the next continent while avoiding sterile campgrounds. Over-night by exotic rivers, lakes, mountains and archeological sites, deal with language difficulties and obtain top notch yet inexpensive healthcare abroad. The peace and quiet of RV travel abroad allows anyone to escape feckless boring tours, pusillanimous package deals, insipid and fattening cruises and back-breaking backpacking. AND, ANYONE CAN DO IT SEE HOW IN RV THE WORLD.

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