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Flowers in Acrylics
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Publisher:Search Press(UK)
Publication Date:2009-09-01
Number of Pages:48 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:294 gram
Books Dimensions:290 x 216 x 4 mm
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Flowers in Acrylics

A guide to painting Flowers. It helps you to paint portraits of stargazer lilies, poppies in a cornfield or a Venetian windowbox.
Covering everything from Flowers depicted in formal still life to wildFlowers in their natural landscape, this introductory guide requires no prerequisite drawing skills as full-size, pull-out tracing papers for each project is provided. Aspiring artists who want to dabble in a new creative vehicle or who want to start painting acrylic portraits of their favorite Flowers--such as stargazer lilies, poppies in a cornfield, or Flowers in a classic Venetian windowbox--will benefit from each of these confidence-building projects.

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