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Art in Focus
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Publication Date:2006-05-01
Number of Pages:607 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1728 gram
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Art in Focus

THE MOST IMPRESSIVE AND ACCESSIBLE Art PROGRAM AVAILABLE! 2006 copyright now available! Completely redesigned, "Art in Focus" is filled with colorful reproductions, photographs, graphics, and student Artwork, all designed to challenge, surprise, and inspire your students to create and appreciate Art. Your students expect something a little different from Art class. The 2000 edition of "Art In Focus" offers the kind of inspiration and challenge your students expect. It is filled with more colorful reproductions, photos, and graphics than ever before. It uses both words and graphics to highlight relevant Art topics. It integrates technology resources. It even features student Artwork, so your students can see that talent can be celebrated and acknowledged at any age.

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