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High Above London
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High Above London

Allowing us to travel mid-air through London, these photographs lead us to a thoroughly new appreciation of a city that has always been foremost in people's imagination. The city of the great English novelists is sure to be found, but these splendid aerial photographs show us a complex city of contrasts that is also home to Europe's most ethnically diverse population. An urban cluster without regular order, the city is actually a collection of villages that grew up around Roman Londinium, and today each has its own history, character, architecture, and even rhythm - and all are illustrated in the beautiful photographs. In these pages, Westminster and the modern skyscrapers in the City bear witness to London's regality and power. There are also the Georgian terraces in the rich West End and the recent architectural experiments on the South Bank and in the Docklands, where museums, restaurants, clubs, and bars have replaced the old wharves and warehouses. The East End, the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, the green villages that line the Thames between Greenwich and Hampton, and small neighbourhoods that seem lost in time all come to life in these sumptuous pages. Readers will be sure to savour this book, discovering new itineraries upon each reading. Printed on high quality gloss paper this new title in the "High Above" series, contains breathtaking photography.

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