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Pictures of Travel
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Publisher:General Books
Publication Date:2012-02-06
Number of Pages:140 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:385 gram
Books Dimensions:152 x 229 x 8 mm
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Pictures of Travel

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1904. Excerpt: ... IT is difficult, even after the lapse of more than forty years since Heine's death, to assign to the poet his true place and to the man his moral value. Heine's nature was omplex, and it was a complexity of unresolved discords, of inreconciled contrasts. Never have critical judgments been nore widely divergent than those which have been passed ipon the life and works of Heine. That he is the greatest iterary force in Germany since Goethe is now a clearly estabished fact, but how this can be, in view of his moral and emperamental defects, is a question which continues to stimilate and baffle the student. Goethe's life and works form.n harmonious whole; Heine's life and Heine's lyrics are iften strangely at variance. The reader is never sure of air treatment from Heine. Moved to tears by the exquisite athos, beauty, and lilt of his verse, we are suddenly conronted by the pale face of the poet distorted into a cynical;rin. While we gaze delighted upon a beautiful picture, it s converted before our very eyes, by a final stroke of the apricious artist's brush, into a ridiculous caricature. We sit a a solemn temple listening to music, sublime and sweet, ut, as it dies away, we hear from without the strains of nocking antiphonies. It is this trait which increases the lifficulty of judging Heine aright. Loftiness of moral char.cter has come justly to be regarded as an essential condition o all literary work of the highest order. "The greatness if the great poets, the power of their criticism of life, is that heir virtue is sustained." This condition is not fulfilled in he case of Heine; indeed, he himself takes pains to remind is that it is not. His virtue came in moments; it was not ustained, and when it came, too often he turned it into ridi: ule. And yet he was...

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