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Lifetips 101 Cruise Tips
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Publication Date:2007-08-01
Number of Pages:136 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:154 gram
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Lifetips 101 Cruise Tips

As quickly as we tick off destinations on our cruise dream list, we find new itineraries, cruise lines and ships and our must-see list continues to grow. Each cruise offers a bounty of new ways to pursue our passions for exploring ports, sampling cuisine and wines and delving into lifelong learning experiences. Every cruise introduces new acquaintances; some of these fellow cruisers become lifelong friends. And with each cruise we discover new tips, tools and tactics to improve and enhance the next cruise. If you have never cruised, I hope that 101 Tips for New Cruisers will tickle your travel fancy and inspire you to book your first cruise. If you cruised many years ago, no doubt you will feel like a "new" cruiser today. Modern cruises offer many more intriguing destinations, indulgent amenities and personal choices than in the past. No matter what your travel style and budget; there is a cruise for you.

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