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Chartering a Boat
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Publisher:Sheridan House
Author: Caswell, Chris
Publication Date:2001-07-15
Number of Pages:224 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:653 gram
Books Dimensions:261 x 182 x 19 mm
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Chartering a Boat

Caswell offers advice on everything from choosing the right cruising area, a good company to charter from and selecting a suitable Boat, to dealing with common problems encountered on charters.
When packing your duffel bag for a charter cruise, leave your expectations at home, open your mind and enjoy yourself to the fullest???it can be the most enjoyable vacation experience you ever had. Caswell explores the facts and fiction of the world of yacht Chartering, dispels the myth that Chartering a boat is only for the rich and shows us that for a reasonable price, anyone can enjoy the incredible sunsets, pristine beaches and afternoon sails on sparkling waters that accompany yacht Chartering. Suited for both novice and experienced charterers alike, this book gives an inside look at what you will need to know before you decide to charter a yacht - from sailing skills and how to gain more experience - to knowing how to pick the perfect charter and getting the most out of your trip once it has been planned.

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