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Unsinkable Mister Brown
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Publisher:World Waters
Publication Date:2012-04-30
Number of Pages:298 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:439 gram
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Unsinkable Mister Brown

Paris Book Festival Silver Medal Winner A true international love affair from award-winning author Brian David Bruns. A visit to Transylvania started a three-continent romance, then into an entire life making a playground of all seven seas. The Red Sea, the Black Sea, the Caribbean, the Aegean... a head-spinning list of rendezvous. Working on luxury liners as their vehicle, ship life was like no other. The awesome power of the big ships to cross oceans of cultures kept bringing them together... and pulling them apart. But it was a secret past that threatened to sink them. Vastly entertaining and expansive, hilarious and true, feel-good Mr. Brown shows us that the stuff of legendary romance lies in us all, if we but have the courage to reach for it. A stand-alone travelogue expanding upon the Cruise Confidential series.

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