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Kigezi and its people
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Author: Paul Ngologoza
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Kigezi and its people

There has been a cultural renaissance in Uganda since the early 1990s. In Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro and Busoga, traditional leaders have been restored to spearhead the revival of the cultures of their respective peoples. As part of this renaissance, Fountain Publishers has re-published this book in conjunction with the Bakiga Cultural and Educational Trust. The author, one of the distinguished sons of Kigezi who played a leading role during the colonial period, pioneered the documentation of the cultures of the present districts of Kabale, Kisoro and Rukungiri in south-west Uganda. He was born and brought up before the coming of the Europeans, and his manuscript is both a crucial source of information and a rare find. First published in 1967 in the local language, the book traces the origins of the people of Kigezi, their customs and traditions, the part played by the British and their Baganda agents in ruling Kigezi, and the coming of Christian and Moslem missionaries.

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