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Marine Combat Water Survival
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Publisher:Fredonia Books (NL)
Publication Date:2005-02-01
Book Type:other
Weight:204 gram
Books Dimensions:216 x 140 x 9 mm
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Marine Combat Water Survival

Marine Combat Water Survival, provides Marine Corps combat water survival techniques, procedures, and training standards. This publication also teaches Marines to cross water obstacles and perform water rescues correctly and safely. This publication is the foundation for teaching Marines correct water survival techniques and procedures that are used throughout the Marine combat water survival program (MCWSP). CONTENTS Chapter 1. Survival at Sea Abandoning Ship Jettisoning Equipment Abandoning Ship Technique Modified Abandoning Ship Technique Surface Burning Oil Swim Surviving With a Pack Preparing Equipment Tying Waterproof/Plastic Bags Packing the Pack Swimming With the Pack Staying Afloat With a Life Preserver Inherently Buoyant Life Preservers Inflatable Life Preservers Staying Afloat Without a Life Preserver Floating With an Inflated Blouse Floating With Inflated Trousers Sling Method Splash Method Blow Method Avoiding Heat Loss in Cold Water Individual Protection From the Cold Group Protection From the Cold Drownproofing Methods Crawl Stroke T-Method The Sweep Breast Stroke Side Stroke Elementary Backstroke Chapter 2. Water Rescues Reaching Rescue Techniques Reach Reach From a Deck Arm Extension Leg Extension Wading Assist Throw Lifesaving Approaches Front Surface Approach Rear Approach Approach Strokes Crawl Stroke Approach Stroke Breast Stroke Approach Stroke Level Offs Front Surface Approach Single Armpit Level Off Double Armpit Level Off Rescue Techniques Wrist Tow Single Armpit Tow Double Armpit Tow Collar Tow Cross-Chest Carry Tired Swimmer's Assist Defense Against a Drowning Victim Block Wrist-Grip Escape/Wrist-Grip Escape Alternative Front Head-Hold Escape Rear Head-HoldEscape Administering First Aid/Rescue Breathing Chapter 3. Treatment of Casualties and Avoidance of Dangerous Marine Life Drowning Symptoms Treatment Hypothermia Symptoms Survival Time Treatment Heat-Related Injuries Burns Common Medical Problems Associated with Sea Survival Seasickness Saltwater Sores Blindness/Headache Constipation Sunburn and Dehydration Dangerous Marine Life Sharks and Barracudas Sea Snakes Poisonous Fish Turtles and Moray Eels Corals Jellyfish, Portuguese Man-of-War, Anemones, and Others Spiny Fish, Urchins, Stingrays, and Cone Shells Chapter 4. Negotiating Water Obstacles Tides Surf Plunging Waves Spilling Waves Surging Waves Currents Offshore Currents Rip Currents Littoral Currents Back Bays Rivers and Canals Chapter 5. Fording Waterways Selection of a Ford Site Determine the Slope Clinometer Map Line of Sight and Pace Determine the Current Speed Measure River Width Calculate Downstream Drift The Buddy System Water Crossings Care of Weapons ISOMAT Raft Poncho Raft Construction of a Pack Raft Single-Rope Bridge High and Dry Crossings Swift Current Crossings Slow Current Crossings Removal Appendix. Knot Tying Square Knot Bowline Hitches Half Hitch Two Half Hitches Round Turn and Two Half Hitches Butterfly Knot

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