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Run Strong
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Publisher:Human Kinetics Publishers
Author: Beck, Kevin
Publication Date:2005-04-01
Number of Pages:272 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:571 gram
Books Dimensions:253 x 178 x 17 mm
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Run Strong

Based on the latest research into the best nontraditional training methods, this handbook provides supplementary training and recovery methods that can significantly improve a Runner's performance. 135 photos.
Run faster and longer with less effort than ever before Putting in the miles is only one part of the training equation. You can become a much stronger overall Runner by improving leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and Running-specific muscle strength, and by finding your most effective range of motion.Expert coaches and Runners show you how to assess what you need and implement these training methods into your current program. And if you're returning from injury, you can bounce back stronger and faster than ever before.Make your base miles pay off by improving your efficiency and economy. With "Run Strong" you'll maximize your current fitness level and see results at the very next race

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