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Complete Book of Throws
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Publisher:Human Kinetics Publishers
Author: Silvester, L. Jay; Sylvester, Jay; Silvester, Jay
Publication Date:2003-02-13
Number of Pages:176 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:503 gram
Books Dimensions:279 x 216 x 11 mm
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Complete Book of Throws

In-depth technique analysis and training information for each of the four throws are featured in this Book. A chapter on biomechanics provides a solid foundation for each of the throwing events to enable readers to improve their throwing technique.
From the basic biomechanics of throwing to in-depth information on the discus, javelin, hammer, and shot put, "Complete Book of Throws" brings it all together to improve your techniques--and your distance "Complete Book of Throws" takes the techniques and conditioning programs of the most accomplished coaches in each event and presents them in a way that athletes can understand and coaches can adapt to create a winning program. Whether you're just starting out in the event or preparing your team for competition at the highest level, you'll find the conditioning and training specifics you need to strength your body, improve your form, and push your performance to the edge.Four-time Olympian and six-time discus world-record holder Jay Silvester covers specific strength training and conditioning techniques, including training for athletes in multiple throwing events. World-class coaches Complete the picture with in-depth coverage of each throw technique. Sport-specific strength conditioning, periodization, and effective energy transfer are all covered in this practical guide, along with detailed illustrations that walk you through every phase of each throw.In addition to serving as the Olympic throws coach for Team USA 2000, Silvester has coached five NCAA discus champions. Now he leads a team of top-notch coaches in creating the ultimate resource for athletes and coaches alike. If you are seeking to enhance your coaching technique, refine your athletes' technique, or improve their throws, the "Complete Book of Throws" has the details and instructions you need.

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