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Learning to Crawl
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Author: Joan Artus
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Learning to Crawl

Gwendolyn Pepperdine is the spoiled stepdaughter of an English lord, until she ditches college once too often to party amid the sleazier elements of the New York jet set. Cut off by her angry father, she tries to seduce a wealthy older man into supporting her until daddy relents.But the young beauty isn't as sophisticated as she'd thought, and finds herself caught up in what she believes to be a game of submission. Excited to play the part of slave, she exults in a forbidden life high in the glass towers of New York.Little does she realize that her own stepfather has arranged for her to be trained by a master, to be broken and turned into an obedient slave who will forget all claims to her inheritance. Tomented by men and women alike, Gwen slowly begins to lose herself to the desuction of total slavery. With only a small part of herself remaining, Gwen tries to fight free -- before it is too late.

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