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Don't Waste Your Sports
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Publisher:Crossway Books
Publication Date:2010-11-03
Number of Pages:64 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:430 gram
Books Dimensions:133 x 92 x 4 mm
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Don't Waste Your Sports

"Why is it that sports seem to bring out the best and the worst in us?" asks author C. J. Mahaney. "Sports are a gift from God. But as soon as you introduce the human heart, things get complicated." For the Christian athlete, sports are one of the key battlegrounds in which pride and self-glory are regular temptations. If sports are indeed a gift from God, why are playing fields and courts so often arenas for our egos? How are we to enjoy sports in a godly way? Self-described "pastor athlete" C. J. Mahaney looks to Scripture for principles that speak to the role of sports in our lives. This booklet outlines how Christian athletes are to play for the glory of God and model gratitude, humility, and service. With candor and humor, Mahaney recounts his own story with sports and through illustrations and practical applications exhorts athletes not to Waste their sports. The booklet concludes with application questions and an addendum to parents. Sold in packs of twelve, these booklets make great gifts for Christian athletes.

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