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Sociology of North American Sport
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Publisher:Paradigm Publishers
Publication Date:2012-06-01
Number of Pages:420 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
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Sociology of North American Sport

Ninth edition.
THE 9TH EDITION OF THIS BEST-SELLING TEXT IS COMING SOON. PREORDER YOUR EXAM COPY NOW The book that set the standard for sports textbooks has been extensively updated and revised for its new 9th edition. The authors are experienced text authors and former athletes and coaches. In this new edition, they bring a unique perspective to topics much on the minds of students, teachers, and young athletes. Sage and Eitzen offer a compact yet comprehensive and integrated perspective of sport in North American society. Analyzes sport within a consistent sociological framework, emphasizing structural explanations. Demythologizes sport by taking a critical approach. Incorporates race, class, and gender throughout the text as well as in devoted chapter treatments.New to this Edition More application of sociological approaches functionalism, conflict theory, social interactionism, critical race theory to specific chapter themes Expanded coverage of Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, and other groups Updated literature, statistics, and web resources throughout Many new theme boxes and photosUpdates and additions to text material include: Sports academies and youth sports, along with the changing roles of parents and coaches in youth sports The global economic recession and its impact throughout sports The body and gender in amateur and professional sports and in the media New features on great African American jockeys and on the declining number of black baseball players today Equipment and technology in sports, and on sports video and video games The use of new media, including Twitter, in sports The reach of national media like ESPN into high school sports Substance abuse, including young amateur athletes Expanded opportunities for women in professional and college sports

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