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VHF Afloat
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Author: Sara Hopkinson
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VHF Afloat

Obtain your radio license and operate a VHF radio set on your yacht or motorboat. This book explains how to use a VHF radio on your boat. It covers licensing the boat and the operator, then takes you through each type of call, and its 'standard procedure'. You can also call using Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and the book has photo sequences of how to do this. Each procedure is illustrated using the story of the yacht Sierra making various passages and communicating with other vessels, the Coastguard and other VHF operators such as yacht clubs. Probably the most important section is sending a Mayday - the nautical call for help. This 3rd edition contains all relevant updates including the latest technology developments, and VHF protocols.Recommended for the Short Range CertificateHelps you pass the examExcellent reference book to keep on boardFully illustrated step-by-step guides to every VHF procedureFun animations to describe new topics and conceptsCovers DSC, SARTS, EPIRBs, NAVTEX and CG66

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