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The Sailor's Little Book
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Author: Basil Mosenthal
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The Sailor's Little Book

A nautical jumble of advice and "sea wisdom" for present day sailors, combined with quotations and all sorts of short items about sailors and the sea. Some are serious, some are humorous; all make essential bunkside (or bedside) reading both for sailors and for landlubbers. "'The sea has such extraordinary moods that sometimes you can feel this is the only sort of life - and 10 minutes later you are praying for death. It's cold and wet and it is either marvellous or awful.'" HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. ""There is nothing so distressing as running ashore - unless it be in doubt as to which continent the shore belongs." " ""Ever since man made a dugout canoe, as soon as he made it big enough for two he started having crew problems.""

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