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All-In Fighting 1942
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Publisher:Paladin Press
Author: Fairbairn, W. E.
Publication Date:2006-04-01
Number of Pages:128 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:199 gram
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All-In Fighting 1942

This hard-to-find 1942 classic on hand-to-hand combat from Capt. W.E. Fairbairn a one of the most respected names in close-quarters combat a is finally available to collectors of World War II-era literature and practical, ruthless fighting instruction in its original, All-Inclusive British version. aAll-In Fightinga, published in the United States with the title aGet Tougha, was written to introduce soldiers and civilians alike to the realities of close combat. As Fairbairn states in his introduction: aSome readers may be appalled at the suggestion that it should be necessary for human beings of the twentieth century to revert to the grim brutality of the Stone Age in order to live. But it must be realized that, when dealing with an utterly ruthless enemy who has clearly expressed his intention of wiping this nation out of existence, there is no room for any scruple or compunction about the methods to be employed in preventing him.a

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