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Martial Arts - Complete Training
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Author: Pedley, MR Ian
Publication Date:2012-09-20
Number of Pages:76 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:113 gram
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Martial Arts - Complete Training

"Complete Training" is a clear statement of the purpose and content of this book. A detailed and yet easy to follow introduction, this guide examines the different areas and subjects that make up the Martial arts Covering everything from the specific Striking, Grappling, Takedown and Submission arts (and more) to the "combination of them all" styles, this book provides examples and detailed instructions on how to apply techniques and any relevant variations from each of them The book follows the Martial art concept of "range and distance control." This means the book begins from the furthest distance away (kicking) on to punching, grappling, elbow and knee, takedown, groundwork and finally weapons ranges With explanations of the advantages of each subject, helpful insights into how the "typical" (non Martial artist) and "professional" fighter handles each situation AND ideas to consider for training this book gives you the "Complete Training" to improve your knowledge and understanding of the Martial arts as well as your ability in performing them

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