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Systema: The Russian Martial System
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Publication Date:2011-02-01
Number of Pages:476 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:630 gram
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Systema: The Russian Martial System

PLEASE NOTE: This book also includes exclusive access to 40 instructional videos that cover various practices detailed in the text. This is the first complete training manual for Systema, the Russian Martial Art developed for use by the elite ex-Soviet Special Operation Units of Spetsnaz. Nowhere else has the previously often classified material found in these pages been collated in one place for civilian use. Many personal anecdotes and experiences throughout the book make for an entertaining, humorous and informative read. In the typically unorthodox fashion of Systema itself, this is no dry text book but an easy-to-use teaching aid and a very human study. Includes previously classified scientific information that relates to the underlying principles of military and sports science. The latest scientific research on supposedly "superhuman abilities" and how to easily develop these in simple and effective ways. Learn how to perform three of the "mini superpowers" in no more than 30 minutes each, to satisfy yourself that the concepts in this book are NOT hype but just pure science, repeatable and learnable by anyone willing to do the work. Learn the more powerful abilities often considered "impossible" by most hard-core martial artists until these are performed on them. Easy to follow explanations on the basic principles of military sports science and how they relate to real-life survival of combat. Useful for anyone involved not just in martial arts, but any sports in general and, in fact, most human activities, as the principles presented are applicable not just to Systema but to any practical human endeavour."

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