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Best Judo
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Publisher:Kodansha International
Author: Inokuma, Isao; Sato, Nobuyuki; Sato, Nobuyuki
Publication Date:1987-03-15
Number of Pages:256 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:657 gram
Books Dimensions:256 x 183 x 17 mm
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Best Judo

This Judo text is written in easy-to-follow language and illustrated with action photographs. It describes all basic and intermediate level techniques.
This book is the joint effort of two of Japan's foremost Judo instructors. Isao Inokuma and Nobuyuki Sato have also been world-class Judo champions, and their advice and enthusiasm have helped train countless other Judo practitioners. Among their students is the sensational Yasuhiro Yamashita, who captured the All-Japan Judo Championship nine times in a row from 1977 to 1985. Now, with Best Judo, their winning methods can be yours. Best Judo can be used by beginners and veterans alike. It starts with the basic Judo postures and salutations and shows you how to move on the mat, how to control your opponent, and how to be thrown safely. It then demonstrates the essential Judo techniques: throwing, grappling, locking, choking, escaping, and sequence combinations. Over 1,200 photos and easy-to-follow action sequences-many of them demonstrated by Yamashita present each movement clearly. Brief explanations emphasize important areas for study, caution, and concentration. There is also a section on training, full of ideas for building and vitalizing your body.

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