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The Sport of Judo
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Publisher:Tuttle Publishing
Author: Kobayashi, Kiyoshi; Sharp, Harold E.;
Publication Date:1989-12-15
Number of Pages:120 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:176 gram
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The Sport of Judo

"The Sport of Judo" an invaluable resource for any beginning judoka or teacher, comprises a point-by-point demonstration and explanation of over 50 essential judo techniques, as practiced as the international home of judo, the Kodokan Institute in Tokyo. Judo, the "gentle way" based on the ancient Japanese martial art of jiujutsu (or jujutsu) and now a premier modern Olympic Sport, is systematically presented in this book. Published over 50 years ago, this martial arts classic includes a brief history of development and spread of judo, as well as a discussion of judo competition, including Kodokan contest rules, and a complete glossary of terms.

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