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Competitive Judo
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Publisher:Human Kinetics Publishers
Author: Angus, Ron
Publication Date:2005-12-01
Number of Pages:208 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:444 gram
Books Dimensions:253 x 179 x 12 mm
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Competitive Judo

Judo is known as the gentle martial art, but when two judokas square off, the action is fast and furious. Yet the art and sport forms of judo both require great control and swiftness. Indeed, a key to greatness in the sport is the ability to use an opponent's own strength against him rather than trying to subdue or combat it. "Competitive Judo" is your guide to developing the technical skills, tactical maneuvers, and proper mind-set to achieve ultimate success in the sport. Master the use of various grips such as the sleeve lapel and double lapel, as well as popular throws such as the leg grab (te waza). The book also details how to set up throw attacks for inducing opposite reaction in the opponent, use stepping patterns, execute combination techniques, and utilize blocks and stumbles. In setting up groundwork techniques, various transitions, combination ground techniques, and reversals are also covered in depth. Long-time elite competitor and coach Ron Angus covers every facet of being a winning judoka, from scouting your opponent to building strength and speed to recovering. Apply his advice on training and competing, and then experience the excitement of scoring ippon in your next shiai.

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