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The Room
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Publisher:One Monkey Books
Publication Date:2011-01-01
Number of Pages:134 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:176 gram
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The Room

The Room is a book about the ultimate control and manipulation of very young bodies and minds by a brutal system developed by men who pursued winning over everything else in life. It is a book which allows one to travel back in time and fast forward inside the mind of a young black boy living in the city of Pittsburgh in the early fifties. We are permitted to see what he views as daily obsitacles . We will be permitted to compare what the embarrassments he had as his bodies matures. His life of running away often places him center stage smack into the face of a series of unbelievable experiences which prepare him to face what lie behind the doors of" The Room." The Room is both a learning tree for the young man and a source of hope for many poor youth seeking recognition and respect in a world that will not . The Book moves toward one football game played in 1962 between two rival teams which changed the high school football history in Pittsburgh.
How many concussions should an American high school football star suffer before the coach says, "Enough"? The Westinghouse High School Bulldogs were legendary champs. Their record based on victory at any cost allowed their coach to run clinics on how to turn young bodies to iron. Meanwhile the players, John M. Brewer among them, underwent astonishing brutality and exploitation. A powerful memoir of a dedicated young athlete's growth, pain and triumph over injustice. A moving tale of father and son. Memoirist/historian John M. Brewer is Special Consultant to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art and archivist of the Pittsburgh Courier photographic collection.

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