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Business Writing Handbook
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Publisher:Webster's New World
Author: Sorenson, Sharon; Worth, Richard; Wirth, Richard
Publication Date:2002-09-05
Number of Pages:384 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:580 gram
Books Dimensions:233 x 187 x 20 mm
Format of ebooks: PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
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Business Writing Handbook

Teaches you how to write clearly and creatively the first time - and every time. This work also helps you develop good Writing habits and enhance your confidence and effectiveness as a communicator.
* Learn how to write clearly and creatively the first time - and every time* Establish good writing habits and get the reader's attention* Enhance your confidence and effectiveness as a communicatorConcise . . .Authoritative . . .and User-friendly Effective communication is essential for professionals in every area of Business today. Webster's New World Business Writing Handbook introduces you to the fundamentals of good Business writing, offering you expert advice in everything from techniques for forming your thoughts to brainstorming and organizing information to proper grammar, punctuation, and usage. In no time, you'll adopt habits that will allow you to see and appreciate your progress as a writer while you learn to criticize your own work for the most dynamic and productive results.* Provides invaluable information about key Business-writing areas, including finance, scientific-technical, advertising, development, and legal and contractual* Covers not only Business letters but also style and etiquette for both e-mail and memos, advertising copywriting, formats and organizational plans for proposals, resum?s, and more* Explains the principles of effective procedure writing and preparing a powerful presentation* Outlines the general formats for reports* Addresses the handling of employee issues and announcements* Offers a clear, definitive glossary of the most commonly used Business-writing terms

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