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Pro Wordpress Development
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Author: Davis, Chris J.
Publication Date:2006-10-01
Number of Pages:250 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Format of ebooks: PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
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Pro Wordpress Development

WordPress has become one of the de facto standards for personal publishing on the web. In "Pro WordPress Development," author Chris Davis shows you how to take your WordPress-powered site to the next level by creating your own custom themes and plug-ins. You'll learn the anatomy of each theme and plug-in before working through an existing real-world theme and plug-in. You'll not only gain the knowledge to modify existing themes and plug-ins, you'll learn to create your own

If you want to take your knowledge further than custom theme and plug-in creation, the last section of the book is ideal. You'll discover how the actual code base of WordPress is laid out, and how you can directly edit it to suit your needs. Whether you are a casual blogger looking to spruce up your blog or a seasoned web developer performing custom WordPress installs, this book is your guide to getting the most out of this fantastic blogging software.

Be sure to also check out the book's companion site, www.chrisjdavis.org/Pro-wordpress, which allows you to interact with concepts explained in the book.

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