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Flash Remoting
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Publisher:O'Reilly Media
Author: Muck, Tom
Publication Date:2003-10-03
Number of Pages:612 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:1011 gram
Books Dimensions:234 x 181 x 36 mm
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Flash Remoting

This title provides comprehensive coverage of Flash Remoting, a programming model that enables Macromedia Flash MX to connect to remote Web services.
This guide aims to let developers easily integrate Macromedia Flash content with applications that are built using Macromedia ColdFusion MX, Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, or SOAP-based Web services. The result is complex client/server applications that more closely resemble desktop applications than traditional Web pages. Gone is the click/wait/reload approach of HTML. Your Web application uses Flash as the front end while Flash Remoting handles the communication behind the scenes with the application server. to build your own Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Build applications that connect to a database, file system, or other server-side technologies. It can be used to create: online stores that feature catalogs and shopping cart systems; sound and video clip libraries; banner ads with built-in shopping carts, click-through tracking, and site search capabilities; new controls that can be used in place of HTML; extensions to Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks; and front-ends to databases for administrators. introduction to its underlying concepts. Next, you'll explore the Flash's User Interface components as they relate to Flash Remoting. Then, you'll gain insights into Flash Remoting internals and the Remoting API. It also contains examples that you will be able to run on your own system. your applications. Individual chapters cover Flash Remoting with ColdFusion, Server-Side ActionScript, Java, ASP.NET, and PHP. The last section covers more advanced Flash Remoting techniques, such as calling Web services from Flash Remoting, extending objects and UI controls, best practices, and debugging. Plus there is a detailed chapter demonstrating a real-world application. The book concludes with a Flash Remoting API reference. .

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