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Information Systems
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Publisher:Pearson Education
Author: Steven L. Alter
Publication Date:1998-10-14
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1372 gram
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Information Systems

The third edition of this text is built around a practical, widely applicable approach for analysing IT-enabled systems from a business viewpoint. The book goes far beyond merely covering current vocabulary for talking about Information systems and technology. It focuses its entire coverage in terms of a systems analysis approach developed with the help of students framework, new real world cases, and more extensive coverage of electronic commerce, hypertext, Java, and other current topics. *Third edition adds more focus instead of more chapters and has now gone from 20 to 15 to 13 chapters in successive editions. *Section on electronic commerce. *Improved visual representation of the framework. *Real world cases - each chapter ends with two real world cases *Completely rewritten to highlight leading edge IT applications in each functional area of business. *Accompanying Web site supplements coverage in the book which is updated periodically and provides links with the most current case material.

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