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Managing Information Technology
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Publisher:Pearson Education
Publication Date:1998-10-19
Book Type:hardcover
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Managing Information Technology

-X, MARTIN et al, Managing Information Technology: What Managers Need to Know, 3E*/ "Providing an up-to-date treatment of information technology management that is "not" written for information systems professionals only, this widely used book prepares readers to be effective exploiters of computer/communications technologies now and in the future, and illustrates topics with over two dozen original information technology management case studies." Places 27 original, substantive, real-world information technology management case studies at the ends of Chapter 1 and the four major parts of the book (Information Technology, Applying Information Technology, Acquiring Information Systems, and The Information Management System) that illustrate a wide variety of key issues in information technology management. Focuses on the information technology resources (computers and microelectronics, networks, software, data, and people) that organizations provide and alternative approaches to Managing them; the opportunities and pitfalls provided by these technologies; and what the user-manager, and the systems professional, need to know to make effective use of these technologies. Comes completely rewritten and reorganized for greater clarity and a more focused plan of approach, with updated and streamlined chapters, plus two new chapters on electronic commerce and the social, ethical, and political issues surrounding the use of information technology.

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