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Management Information Systems
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Publisher:Pearson Education (US)
Publication Date:2013-01-03
Number of Pages:648 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Books Dimensions:276 x 216 mm
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Management Information Systems

Essentials of Management Information Systems, 2/e, prepares students of the constantly changing demands of information systems Management - first by relating MIS to Management, the organization, and technology, focusing on the importance of integrating these elements; secondly by tracking emerging technologies and organizational trends; thirdly by consistently using examples taken from real businesses both domestic and foreign. The Second Edition explores the recent, rapid expansion of INTERNET related technologies and the impact they are having on how business is being done. The CD ROM-based Multimedia Edition offers all the text content, including figures, graphs, illustrations, and photos plus added multimedia dimensions of audio, video, animations, and an interactive study guide. Students may use the traditional text or the CD ROM independently or use the CD in conjunction with the text as a multi-media learning tool.

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