Woe Is I
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Publisher:Riverhead Books
Author: Patricia T O'Conner
Publication Date:2010-07-27
Number of Pages:265 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:226 gram
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Woe Is I

Now fully updated, this funny and wise grammarphobe's guide to better English features new chapters on spelling and pronunciation, and includes new do's and don'ts from top to bottom.
In this new edition of Woe Is I, Patricia T. O'Conner unties the knottiest grammar tangles and displays the same lively humor that has charmed and enlightened grateful readers for years. With new chapters on spelling and punctuation, and fresh insights into the rights, wrongs, and maybes of English grammar and usage, Woe Is I offers down-to-earth explanations and plain-English solutions to the language mysteries that bedevil all of us: Avoid the persistent (and persistently embarrassing) grammatical errors that bewilder the best and the brightest Pronounce and spell words that even the smartest people mangle Correctly use hundreds of Woefully abused words and phrases

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