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Writing, Reading, and Research
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Publisher:Cengage Learning, Inc
Publication Date:2009-07-01
Number of Pages:600 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:953 gram
Books Dimensions:231 x 188 x 25 mm
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Writing, Reading, and Research

Broadening the traditional notion of undergraduate research, this English composition text thoroughly covers the skills essential for developing a research paper: analytical reading, synthesizing, paraphrasing, and summarizing. Presenting the process of research in a practical sequence, the authors illustrate each stage of the process with examples of student and professional Writing. Using a flexible and goal-oriented approach, the authors integrate coverage of Writing, reading, and research with topical, interdisciplinary readings and a supportive research handbook. Unlike comparable books, Veit and Gould's Writing, READING, AND RESEARCH, Eighth Edition leads off with a sample student paper in the first chapter, providing a foundation for students as they progress through each step of the research and Writing process.

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