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Practically Speaking
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Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Rothwell, J. Dan; Dan Rothwell, J.;
Publication Date:2013-11-11
Number of Pages:352 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:408 gram
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Practically Speaking

Fresh and Practical Advice You Will Need
Sound Scholarship You Can Trust
All at a Price You Won't Believe
Practically Speaking is a brief text that covers the essentials of public speaking without sacrificing student interest or sound scholarship. Using a conversational and edgy style, author Dan Rothwell gives practical advice and a fresh perspective on classic and contemporary theories and research. This essential guide provides students with a solid foundation in public speaking and then teaches them how to add their own voices to the conversation.
* Each chapter follows the rules of good organizational logic presented in Chapter 7
* Unique and humorous examples, stories, quotations, photos, and cartoons; intense, dramatic, and poignant illustrations; vivid language and metaphors; and startling statistics and historical facts
* Numerous pop-culture references and newsworthy events
* More than 500 sources, both classic and contemporary
* The "Communication Competence Model," carefully developed in Chapter 1, serves as the theoretical basis for all advice offered
* A unique Chapter (9), "Skepticism: Becoming Critical Thinking Speakers and Listeners"
* A separate chapter on speech anxiety
* A full chapter on gaining and maintaining attention
* Two full chapters on persuasive speaking that provide theoretical explanations for general and specific persuasive strategies

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