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Fieldwork for Human Geography
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Publisher:Sage Publications Ltd
Publication Date:2012-05-02
Number of Pages:240 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Books Dimensions:232 x 186 mm
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Fieldwork for Human Geography

Timely textbook to lead students through their essential Fieldwork module. University level, up to date, and packed with applied content, it teaches students how to get the best out of Fieldwork, link with their methods courses and use it in their research projects.

This book encourages students to critically engage with the reasons for doing Fieldwork and what they can get out, explains methods and contexts, and links the Fieldwork with wider academic topics. It looks beyond the contents of research projects and field visits to address the wider experience of Fieldwork: working in groups; understanding your ethical position; and opening your eyes, ears and minds to the wider possibilities of your trip. Throughout the book, the authors present first person descriptions of field experiences and predicaments, written by fieldtrip leaders and students from around the world including the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, and South Africa.

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