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Scientific American: Psychology
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Publisher:Worth Publishers
Author: Hull, Misty G.; Licht, Deborah M.; Ballantyne, Margaret
Publication Date:2014-01-29
Number of Pages:680 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1927 gram
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Scientific American: Psychology

In this breakthrough introduction to psychology, two committed, tech-savvy professors, Deborah Licht and Misty Hull, combine years of research and teaching insights with the journalistic skill of science writer, Coco Ballantyne, who came to this project directly from "Scientific American." Together, they have created a an introductory textbook and online system that draws on written profiles and video interviews of 27 real people to help students better understand, remember, and relate to psychology's basic ideas. Beautifully designed, the printed text is filled with high-interest examples and features, including full-page infographics that help students understand and retain key concepts. Online, additional author-created resources, including scaffolded activities and adaptive quizzes, provide a seamless learning experience for students and a reliable assessment mechanism for instructors and programs. This innovative collaboration between Worth Publishers and "Scientific American" reflects a commitment to engaging and educating all students, including those who sometimes seem difficult to engage--in the contemporary style of the world's most respected science magazine.

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