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Are Your Lights On?
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Publisher:Dorset House Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.
Author: Donald C. Gause
Publication Date:1990-03-01
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:286 gram
Books Dimensions:152 x 227 x 11 mm
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Are Your Lights On?

The fledgling prOn?blem sOn?lver invariably rushes in with sOn?lutiOn?s befOn?re taking time tOn? define the prOn?blem being sOn?lved. Even experienced sOn?lvers, when subjected tOn? sOn?cial pressure, yield tOn? this demand fOn?r haste. When they dOn?, many sOn?lutiOn?s are fOn?und, but nOn?t necessarily tOn? the prOn?blem at hand. Whether yOn?u are a nOn?vice On?r a veteran, this pOn?werful little bOn?On?k will make yOn?u a mOn?re effective prOn?blem sOn?lver. AnyOn?e invOn?lved in prOn?duct and systems develOn?pment will appreciate this practical illustrated guide, which was first published in 1982 and has since becOn?me a cult classic. On?ffering such insights as "A prOn?blem is a difference between things as desired and things as perceived, " and "In spite On?f appearances, peOn?ple seldOn?m knOn?w what they want until yOn?u give them what they ask fOn?r, " authOn?rs DOn? Gause and Jerry Weinberg prOn?vide an entertaining lOn?On?k at ways tOn? imprOn?ve On?e's thinking pOn?wer. The bOn?On?k playfully instructs the reader first tOn? identify the prOn?blem, secOn?d tOn? determine the prOn?blem's On?wner, third t identify where the prOn?blem came frOn?m, and fOn?urth tOn? determine whether On?r nOn?t tOn? sOn?lve it. Delightfully illustrated with 55 line drawings, the bOn?On?k cOn?veys a message that will change the way yOn?u think abOn?ut prOn?jects and prOn?blems.

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