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The Moneychangers
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Publisher:Synergy International of the Americas
Publication Date:2007-07-15
Number of Pages:212 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:480 gram
Books Dimensions:229 x 152 x 15 mm
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The Moneychangers

This novel by Upton Sinclair is an account of the Wall Street panic of 1907 and depicts the reality of 'fear and loathing' of the upper class of New York City. A newcomer arrives on the scene from the South. The beautiful and charming Lucy Dupree enters this whirling society of the rich and famous. She is naive and captures the admiration and attention of two of the richest and unscrupulous power brokers (economic fascists) of the era. Their jealous rivalry to destroy each other using mega-stakes financial manipulations of market forces creates a major collapse of Wall Street. Unknown to Lucy she is place at great peril as events create a tsunami amongst the rich and pwerful. Upton's novel is full of characters who in their capitalist royal gowns expose abuses of power that has never before been seen in Ameri(k)a. It continues in our own times via mergers and acquisitions, private equity pools and hedge funds. Although these newer versions of the same old manipulations are now constructed to look decent, be legal and sound necessary in the modern capitalist world. A Collector's Edition.

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