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Judaism and World Order
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Author: Schonfield, Hugh Joseph; Engelking, Stephen A.;
Publication Date:2012-11-01
Number of Pages:132 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:176 gram
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Judaism and World Order

Originally published in 1943, this book provides both valuable insights into the problems confronting Judaism at the end of the Second World War but also a solution towards peace for mankind in general. The books covers such subjects as why anything Jewish has suffered so much hatred which caused even a hatred of Christianity and the democratic way of life. This is pertinent to the situation between Christians, Jews and Moslems today. The book is an appeal for the building of a 'Dienstvolk' as the only alternative to a 'Herrenvolk'. There may be lessons here also for the modern State of Israel which since then has become a fact and the dilemma of a people which are actually called as messengers of peace.

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