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Governors Speak
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Publisher:University Press of America
Publication Date:2007-03-01
Number of Pages:382 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:698 gram
Books Dimensions:240 x 162 x 34 mm
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Governors Speak

Governors in the United States are becoming prime policy makers in state and national politics. They preside over vast and increasingly important administrative structures through numerous appointments of key personnel and the management of growing budgets. Governors provide leadership for state legislatures by advocating their policy agendas, and by mobilizing public opinion and political resources. Through these roles, Governors have far reaching influence in citizen's daily lives. This work examines these major political leaders by closely examining the careers of five recent Governors (1960 2001): - Terry Sanford (1961 1965) - Robert (Bob) W. Scott (1969 1973) - James E. (Jim) Holshouser Jr. (1973 1977) - James G. (Jim) Martin (1985 1993) - James B. (Jim) Hunt Jr. (1977 1985; 1993 2001) ...and compares their performances in office with Governors in other states. No other book has looked as closely at the persons who serve as Governors during this time period.

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