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Aesthetics: A Comprehensive Anthology
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Publisher:Blackwell Publishers
Author: Cahn, Steven M.; Meskin, Aaron;
Publication Date:2007-10-08
Number of Pages:684 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1841 gram
Books Dimensions:248 x 175 x 43 mm
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Aesthetics: A Comprehensive Anthology

"Steven Cahn and Aaron Meskin have put together an unrivalled collection of great work in philosophical Aesthetics, encompassing historical sources ranging from Plato to Shaftesbury, modern theories from Schiller to Gadamer, and more recent work covering all the central areas in contemporary Aesthetics and philosophy of art.
From Plato's "Ion" to works by contemporary philosophers, this anthology showcases classic texts to illuminate the development of philosophical thought about art and the aesthetic. This volume is the most comprehensive collection of readings on Aesthetics and the philosophy of art currently available. Brings together the most significant writings in Aesthetics and philosophy of art from the past 2500 years Each section includes a useful introductory essay which provides an overview of developments in the field Broken down into three sections: Historical Sources, Modern Theories, and Contemporary Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Thorough, systematic, and flexible, including two alternative tables of contents (historical and topical); an ideal textbook and guide to the field

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