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Japanese Law
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Publisher:Oxford University Press
Author: Oda, Hiroshi
Publication Date:2009-06-01
Number of Pages:474 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:997 gram
Books Dimensions:165 x 239 x 34 mm
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Japanese Law

This is a fully updated third edition of Japanese Law originally published in 1992. The book remains the only comprehensive introduction to Japanese law available in English. This edition covers the major reforms in Japanese law since the last edition and brings the reference work fully up to date.
This book presents the only English language, up-to-date, and comprehensive reference to Japanese law. It covers the basis of the Japanese legal system, the civil code, business related laws and other laws including criminal law and procedure, and foreign relations law. This breadth of coverage makes the book an essential reference work for all who have an interest in Japanese law. Since the last edition in 1999, Japanese law has undergone major reform all of which is reflected in the new text. In particular, the new edition covers the new company law and the Financial Products Trading Law, both of which have been completely overhauled.

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